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Antitrust Compliance

Our federal and state antitrust laws are important to everyone who participates in the proverbial marketplace, whether as a seller, buyer, manufacturer, producer or broker. With over four decades of experience with those laws and the court cases emanating from them, our firm stands poised to assist business clients in avoiding the pitfalls that could otherwise consume untold thousands of hours and dollars defending antitrust claims by the government (generally the Department of Justice Antirust Division or the Federal Trade Commission) or private parties, who if successful can recover three times their actual damages. While it is not our intention to try to make antitrust lawyers out of our clients, it is our objective to give them and their employees sufficient familiarity with those laws so they will be better able to recognize those situations that could present peril to both the companies and their employees. In essence, our bottom line mission in these regards is to educate our clients, irrespective of the areas of commerce in which they may be engaged, to the reality that they should compete vigorously and independently at all times in the marketplace. In so doing, they should treat all competitors and customers honestly and equitably and, most importantly, with complete recognition of their independence, and, in return, demand the same degree of respect from all others in the marketplace. Our federal and state laws require nothing less!

We can tailor an Antitrust and Trade Regulation Compliance Program to the needs of our various prospective clients, and can make meaningful presentations to the various levels of their officers and employees introducing them to the concepts of such programs. It is not sufficient for a company to simply adopt such a program and put it away on the shelf. Rather, it is imperative that periodic refresher presentations be given to the company’s employees, preferably on an annual basis.