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Last Will & Testament

   To the extent that you have financial resources available, Secure your families future today estate planning secures your spouse‚Äôs and children's financial well being after your death. In case you've remarried or divorced, planning your estate also secures your new spouse's future seperate from claims of an earlier spouse aside from your own first wife or husband. A well-planned estate also addresses questions about the share of ex-spouses with your estate and whether the validity of a prenuptial agreement takes precedence over your will . During the planning process, you and your estate lawyers will discuss the terms and conditions in distributing your assets and paying for your debts.


Your Most Valuable Asset

     It has been estimated that overall only 44% of adults have made a Last Will. Alarmingly, it seems that the rate of young adults with children under 19 is little more than half that rate in the 26% range. Intuitively, an overriding basis for such a low portion among young adults is the notion that actually they have many more years of life ahead of them, compounded by the feeling that they have not yet garnered sufficient material possessions to be concerned about how they will be distributed among their loved ones. Such reasoning is short-sighted, however, and fails to take into account that one of the most important functions of a will can be to nominate guardians for their children.