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Business & Corporate Law

We can help you decide on the best form of entity to accommodate the plans for your business, ranging from a “C” or “S” corporation, limited liability company, or partnership to various forms of non-profit entities, and several alternatives in between. When that decision has been made, we will assist you in reserving the desired name for it and obtaining al Certificate of Formation, Articles of Incorporation, or other official charter from the State for your organization. <br> Business and Commercial Law; Transactions including Mergers & Acquisitions Once a business organization has been formed, we will use our broad experience to help you with different aspects of your business law needs including compliance with rules, statutes, codes, and regulations which govern commercial relationships, and we can provide a legal framework within which your business may be conducted and managed. Moreover, it is a fact of life that business entities do not remain static -- they may acquire other businesses, they may be acquired by another business, and they sometimes split up. Having traveled down that path on numerous prior occasions on behalf acquiring organizations and organizations being acquired, both large and small, we can guide you economically through that process so that the end result is indeed what you had in mind when you started. <br>Antitrust and Trade Regulation Compliance The marketplace can be a veritable minefield if your company and its employees have not been exposed to the antitrust laws that promote the concepts of a free marketplace and fair competition. If ever there were a defense of ignorance of the law, there is surely none in today’s environment, and both the company and its employees can be held accountable with both civil penalties and triple damage judgments and criminal sanctions for running afoul of those important laws. Using our deep and broad background in antitrust litigation and counseling, we can tailor an antitrust compliance program for your company, its employees and agents.